In vSphere 6.5, option to save the VM export in OVA format seems to be missing in both web client and HTML5 client (Right click VM > Template > Export OVF Template).


Use ovftool to export the VM as either OVF or OVA. Path locator formats to get the source VM are documented in ovftool user guide. In the below example VM named iaas1 is exported from under CSA datacenter (vm is the default folder name).


C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>ovftool vi:// c:\iaas.ova
Enter login information for source vi://
Username: administrator@prasan.local
Password: **********
Opening VI source: vi://
Opening OVA target: c:\iaas.ova
Writing OVA package: c:\iaas.ova
Transfer Completed
Completed successfully


Side Note:

Issue: The OVF export is only saving the vmdk, and the export is missing the .ovf and .mf files

Cause: Browser pop up blocker blocks the export of .ovf file causing only the vmdk to be exported. Allow pop up in the browser settings and restart the ovf export again to download all the files.


3 thoughts

  1. getting aboove error while converting vm into ova using below command.
    ovftool vi:// C:\testovawindowappliance.ova


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