VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension tool is key for the VMware Cloud solution migrations. Number of great materials are available about HCX Benefits, Capabilitiesdesign considerations and step by step deployment procedure (in AVSVMC etc.,). This troubleshooting series is aimed at assisting the users who are facing HCX related issues. Users may already have a fair bit of understanding of the requirements and use cases, so they are not covered here. The environment used for the series is Azure VMware Solution but the content should be relevant for any HCX deployment such as other VMware Clouds and on-prem.

Below is the general workflow of HCX usage. So the idea is to discuss issues seen during each stage/step and ways to troubleshoot them.

HCX troubleshooting sections

Going by one of the tenets of this blog (to not reinvent something that is already available), direct links to already existing material will be provided where possible. The series will also not cover the pre-requisites and instructions so refer the documentation for those items.

Some basic principles

  1. For HCX user portals, use the vCenter credentials. For HCX admin portals (<url>:9443) and SSH, use ‘admin’ account
  2. Refer User Guide to understand How to navigate in the HCX connector Shell / command line
  3. Refer HCX Troubleshooting page for command line basics, log gathering, password recovery and other details
  4. Remember to switch to the correct context as some commands only work in specific context – CCLI (white highlighted) or SSH (normal). Most of the native linux commands work in SSH context, while the HCX commands work in CCLI mode. This is applicable for both HCX Connector and service mesh appliances.
HCX SSH and CCLI modes

Connectivity diagram

Source: https://hcx.design/2019/12/13/hcx-network-port-diagrams (Thanks: Gabe Rosas)

The above diagram will be referred to frequently throughout the series. Refer https://ports.vmware.com/network-diagrams/VMware-HCX for additional diagrams.

Thanks to VMware HCX team, field teams, PMs, support, customers for all of the above inputs. Please add your feedback in the comments to include additional issues and fixes.

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  1. Hi Prasanna – Thanks for the great content. Did you already post about the below three sections. Please let me know.
    Part 4: Migrations (Coming Soon)
    Part 5: Performance (Coming Soon)
    Part 6: Logs and miscellaneous (Coming Soon)


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